Why Does Environment Matter?

The environment is the sum total of everything existing within it, both living and non-living objects, including all the living creatures such as plants, animals, fungi, microorganisms, and humans. The word is most commonly used to describe the Earth or a particular section of the Earth. The environment is the sum of all life on Earth as well as any other living being that lives in the Earth’s environment.

The ecosystems are collections of living organisms in a relationship. Within the Earth’s ecosystems, there exist various types of ecosystems. Examples include wetland systems, desert ecosystems, aquatic ecosystems, and terrestrial ecosystems. The environment plays a large role in the life on Earth. There are different types of ecosystems including eco-systems, biogeochemical cycles, food webs, and trophic networks.

This can also be thought of as the “circular motion” of all the living things on Earth and in turn provide food, shelter, and other means of survival for all these living things. If the environment is unhealthy, all the living things in it will be dead. This could result in the death of the species that call the Earth their home. It is important to have a healthy environment in order for the human beings to survive.

There are many factors that adversely affect the health of the environment. These factors include but are not limited to, air pollution, land pollution, noise pollution, and global warming. A healthy environment provides a good environment for humans to survive. Air pollution is one factor that adversely affects the environment if there is a very high level of it.

Another factor that affects the environment negatively is the amount of noise pollution occurs due to various forms of entertainment. This problem can occur due to the increased use of electronic equipment. As well, as humans become more technologically advanced and continue to produce more greenhouse gases, the need to provide fresh water will also increase. As a result, if the environment remains unhealthy, the likelihood of global warming will continue to increase.

In order for the human beings to maintain a healthy environment, the biosphere must be kept intact. Man made disturbances to the biosphere occur when human beings attempt to domesticate the environment and deplete natural resources. The biosphere is referred to as the “source of life” on Earth. This biological source of life is vital because it is the only source of all the necessary energy, oxygen, and other essential nutrients. This is why it is very important to protect the natural environment so that future generations can enjoy a long and healthy life.