Renewable Energy Discussion – Green Talking About Renewable Energy

We know that all forms of energy are connected to motion. For instance, any given object has kinetic energy when it’s in motion. A spring or bow, even though at rest, always has some potential energy as a result of its design; it also contains kinetic energy due to its connection to an outside force. Similarly, all forms of energy will be connected to gravity. Gravity is a form of energy, and the more a system has mass, the less it will take up energy as it moves about. There is always a potential energy due to a system that is moving about, whether or not it’s actually moving.

Let’s take a closer look at one of these forms, electromagnetic energy, for our example of wind energy. The energy of electromagnetic waves is simply the energy which is carried away by the wave, i.e. the light, radio, microwaves, etc. So, just as heat energy is transferred to the objects in question by means of heat conduction, so is the energy of electromagnetic radiation.

Now, there are two different kinds of electromagnetic energy: electromagnetic radiation and electric potential energy. Electromagnetic radiation has no possibility of escaping from a source, since it’s a constant flow through space. Electromagnetic waves have a very high frequency, which is why they are much more likely to be heard over other forms of sound. Now, potential energy is basically the energy that a system has after taking a spin. Take an apple ball, for example. When it spins, it causes a wave, which is in fact, kinetic energy.

Coal, oil, natural gas, and wood are all forms of fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are nonrenewable, meaning that they cannot be replenished. There are many other kinds of nonrenewable resources as well, including the radioactive waste of nuclear power plants, as well as the hydroelectricity in some places. All of these are potentially very harmful to the environment, to our living creatures, and to us. Indeed, in many ways, they are worse than using fossil fuels.

One of the best forms of renewable energy sources is biofuel. In addition to being naturally occurring, biofuel can be created from organic materials as well. That means that we can use biofuels to power our vehicles, to heat our homes, and to boil water. Indeed, biofuels represent a very important and beneficial form of renewable energy.

So, when discussing renewable energy sources, we mustn’t forget about solar energy. Solar energy not only produces electricity, it is also excellent for heating and lighting your home, and for running your appliances. Wind energy is also another very important form of renewable energy. When you use wind turbines to generate electricity, you are taking advantage of a free, renewable resource which comes straight from the sun, and which is constantly replenished.