Natural Environments and Human Activities


Natural Environments and Human Activities

What is Environmentalism? The concept of environmentalism is about caring for the environment so that current and future generations have a safe and healthy environment to enjoy. The environment is everything around us from the air we breathe to water that we drink. It also includes the people and creatures living in that environment. The natural environment or the natural world encompasses everything living and non living things occurring naturally, which means without artificial intervention. The word is mostly used on the Earth or parts of Earth.

Humans are part of the natural environment in one way or another because they are the creators of it. In other words humans are an essential part of the ecosystems and they affect the ecosystems in various ways. Human activities such as hunting, fishing and using of land for farming are unnatural and therefore have an impact on the environment.

When you think of the natural environment it normally includes lakes, rivers, seas, lands and the earths atmosphere. Lakes, rivers, seas, lands and the earths atmosphere are constantly in a state of flux. Man has made some changes that have altered these natural environments but the processes of ecosystems are always in play. Man has altered the biosphere by the introduction of invasive species such as deer, wolves, rabbits, rodents, insects, and other species.

Biota are plants and animals that exist in a living organism and their characteristics are distinct from one another but living organisms cannot survive without physical environment to live in. A good example of living organisms is the Eukaryotic (plant) kingdom. There are approximately 400 classifications of single-celled algae called eukaryotic. These algae belong to the Kingdom Protista and belong to the Earth’s Underwater Environment. Some examples of algae are green algae, cyanobacteria, Photosynthetic Photosynthesis Ecosystems, Hydrochloric Acid Wastes, Noccus, Chlamydomonas, Decimalia, and Fungi.

The atmosphere is made up of numerous different kinds of gases which provide us with the oxygen we breathe. Air is comprised of many different particles like nitrogen, sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, and oxygen. All of these particles combine to create a natural environment in which we all live. An increase in the amounts of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere will cause a rise in the atmospheric oxygen content.

The change in the natural environment caused by human activities is one reason for concern. The impact of human activities on the global warming is not being considered by most scientists. One study found that nearly all living things are threatened by global warming. This article will provide more information on the importance of natural resources and the environment to human activities.