Electricity Generation With an Alternative Source – Wind and Solar Power


Electricity Generation With an Alternative Source – Wind and Solar Power

Energy is a potential quality independent to matter. It may be in the form of radiation, kinetic, potential heat, electrical, potential heat, chemical, or any other forms. The quantity of such quantity that is available is termed as energy. There are many types of energy. Kinetic energy may be in the form of movement. Thermal energy is used for generating heat, mechanical energy is used for moving things, electrical energy is used for moving things with the help of electricity and chemical energy is used for creating things which are made up of chemicals.

There are different ways in which energy may be transformed. One such example is wind power. When the air is struck by the wind, it creates kinetic energy. Then, the energy may be transformed into electrical energy which is useful for lighting and heating. Similarly, the sun’s energy can be converted into electric energy by the use of solar panels.

Similarly, there are other forms of energy that have been here from the start. Water can be transformed into hydrodynamic pumps which is then transformed into electrical energy by use of heat exchangers. The fuel oil is another kind of energy that is renewable and does not create pollution. It may be used for running cars or locomotives.

However, there are several types of nonrenewable energy sources. These include the nuclear energy, Bio-mass, which is created through biological processes, fossil fuels such as coal and crude oil, Hydroelectric power and the burning of fossil fuels like gas, wood and coals. Some countries also depend on fossil fuels to meet their energy demands while others have turned to renewable sources of energy like solar power. Some developed countries like France, Britain and Germany have had their economy completely dependent on the use of nuclear energy.

Even though the use of fossil fuels may not be possible everywhere, they are the basis for other forms of renewable energy. They are used to generate heat for some plants while others use the light from the sun to heat buildings. Water is used to create steam for running machines while wind power has helped to produce electricity for some areas around us.

The biggest problem with renewable energy sources is the limited amount of natural resources that they can be replaced with. This is because the earth has only so much of everything that can be done with it. The earth’s natural resources are dwindling due to the increasing population, the degradation of its environment and the use of some nonrenewable energies. Hence, we need to be extremely careful about the way our energy sources are developed. One way to save energy is to use electricity generation with an alternative source like wind or solar power.